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Testing 1…2…3…?

Mother Nature is up to her tricks again…or is she?

If there is one sure bet in the world that sure bet is you can’t bet on the weather. After over eight months of preparations everyone around the resort is chomping at the bit to hit the on switch and fire up the system for the 2009-2010 season.

But the main question is when will that be? It seems as though every time we see some great snowmaking temperatures in the forecast and we all begin to get excited Mother Nature pulls the proverbial carpet out from under our feet and throws in some above normal temperatures for a few days. But we finally feel that we have some good new on the horizon for skiers and riders who love carving it up at Whitetail. It seems as though weather patters are finally starting to change and after these next few days we will start to see a more normal weather pattern with normal temperatures for this time of year. And trust me, that is what we all want to hear!

So when will you be able to see the guns running on the mountain? Well this weekend we hope to test our energy-efficient snowmaking system on either Saturday or Sunday night. If everything goes well and Mother Nature decides to finally smile upon us then maybe we can do a little more than a test, but for that we will have to wait and see. Be sure to check the web cameras on Saturday night and Sunday night to monitor our progress. Then don’t forget to check often for updates and be sure it won’t be long until we are all skiing and riding again here at Whitetail.

Mother Nature – Winter Queen or Wicked Witch?

Alright followers – after working our creative ideas for our winter radio campaign a question has risen. What do you think of when you think of Mother Nature? Is Mother Nature a loving and caring Queen who provides us with warmth in the summer and great snow in the winter or is she just the opposite a mean witch who likes to throw rain storms in on our wedding days and ice on the roads the day you have the kids packed ready to go to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner?

We want to know your thoughts! Answer in the poll below.

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Become Our Fan – Win A Lift Ticket!

Help Us Crest 1,000 Fans!!!

We are almost to the summit and we need just 80 more fans to reach 1,000! Help us reach that number and we will give two FREE lift tickets for Opening Day 2009-10! That’s right all you have to do is get your friend who is not yet a fan of Whitetail to become a fan and if they are the lucky 1,000th fan we will give them and you one free lift ticket for Opening Day!

Good Luck & THINK SNOW!!!

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Just Around The Bend

December is here, the Turkey is done and there is nothing more on our minds than skiing, skiing, skiing!

Right now our snow makers are putting our system through its final tests as we await Mother Nature to provide us with some great snow making temperatures very soon. As we sit today it looks as though we will get cold enough temperatures on Friday or Saturday night to test our state of the art, energy-efficient snow making system. After that we are looking for 3 or 4 really good round the clock snow making days to get the mountain ready for another great opening like last season!

Stay glued to and our web cameras to monitor our progress and for updated information. We update our homepage twice daily and will be sure to post plenty of information about snow making as soon as we get ready to fire up the guns.

We hope to see you all around the resort real soon. Enjoy your day and THINK WINTRY THOUGHTS!!!

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Coming Soon

Last Friday we wrapped up the design process of our 2009-10 winter brochure!


This long process seems to start earlier and earlier each year and also take longer and longer. We started working on this year’s installment of the Whitetail brochure back in February when the marketing team and our general manager sat down to discuss in what direction we would like to take our brochure. Every year we print five different pieces for the winter season – main brochure, ski school brochure, group brochure, tubing rack card and a pocket trail map. After discussing the possibility for a few years we decided to combine our three brochures – main, ski school and group – into one big brochure to help our guests get all the information they may need in one place.

After we decided which direction the brochure would go in for this season we contacted our brochure designer to start working on some concept designs. The Whitetail brochure is the only marketing piece that is not created in-house. All other brochures, fliers, emails etc that many of you may receive are all created in-house.

A few weeks after we contact our brochure designer the concepts are ready for review. This year the brochure team and our designer met in April at our super secret location – Cracker Barrel. We then select which of the six or seven concepts we like best for the new brochure.

Our next step is to go back to the office and work together a mock brochure. We started this a few years ago and it really helps when deciding what goes where in the brochure. The funny thing is they look like first grade art projects when we are finished. There are pieces from old brochures glued all over the place, stick figures thrown in here and there along with plenty of arrows and other thoughts all over the white 81/2 by 14 inch pages. We then send this mess on to our designer.

After the concept, the dummy layout is sent and pricing is set for the new season we begin working on the text for the entire brochure. This process actually takes a few weeks. Our new brochure is 23 pages and trust me that is a lot of text to write! After the text is semi-complete we ship that on to our designer who then lays the text out on our concept design.

In our timeline we are now entering the month of June. We will receive our next concept from the designer that includes the design we selected along with most of our text and some preliminary photos. Once that concept comes in one part of the team works on going over the text and making changes. The other part of the team works on changing all of the pictures with new photos from the previous season along with some older photos from past photo shoots. The photo choices along with the text changes are then sent off to the designer to prepare yet another working concept.

Once we have made it to this point we are sitting pretty good. We have done the bulk of the work and design for the new brochure. Over the next few weeks, before the piece goes to print, everyone gets out there magnifying glass and reads over every line. After we have read over the whole piece again and again we finally sign off on the new brochure and it goes to print.

The new Whitetail brochure was sent to print last Friday. The new brochure will be delivered to the resort around the end of August and then make it to you either by mail or by one of the various shows we attend.

This year we have something special though. You will be able to see the all new Whitetail brochure in a little over a week. For the first time we will be putting our brochure online – just like Peak Season magazine!

So stay tuned for the all new Whitetail Resort brochure! We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look into our annual brochure process.

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It’s Never Too Early!

Winter Weather Outlook 09-10

Winter weather enthusiasts it is never too early to start looking ahead to some great skiing and riding!

We came across some very encouraging news yesterday as we combed through various weather blogs. Some of our favorite exerpts are below.  

Snowiest In Over Five Years NYC To D.C. Could the “Year Without True Summer” Mean the Coldest and Snowiest Winter in Over Five Years from New York City to Washington, D.C.?

According to’s Chief Meteorologist and Expert Long Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi, cooler-than-normal weather this summer in the Northeast could point to a cold, snowy winter for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. He says the heart of winter will be centered over the area from Boston to Washington, D.C.

In years past, cooler summers have been followed by harsh winters. Temperatures in New York City did not top 85 degrees in June this year. There have only been three other times in recorded history when New York City failed to reach 85 in June. In each of those instances, snowy winters followed.

Chicago had 12 days in June when temperatures did not exceed 70 degrees. This has happened only one other time in 1969. That year was followed by a snowy winter as well.

A Look to the Winter

Bastardi predicts the current El Niño will fade over the winter and will probably not play as much of a role in the overall weather pattern as one would think during a typical El Niño year.

The areas that will be hit hardest this winter by cold, snowy weather will be from New England through the Appalachians and mid-Atlantic, including North Carolina. Areas from New York City to Raleigh have gotten by the past two years with very little snowfall. This year these areas could end up with above-normal snowfall.

While some parts of the Appalachians did have harsh winter weather in the form of ice last year, this winter could be one of the snowiest since 2002-03, when up to 80 inches fell in many places. Snowfall totals this year could reach between 50 and 100 inches. Last winter, the usage of salt was way up due to the number of ice storms. Salt supplies could be compromised again this year for state and local road crews that battle the winter weather. On the other hand, ski resorts could have a great year with plenty of powder for skiers.

Bastardi adds that the overall weather pattern that has prevailed this summer is pointing to a winter very similar to that of 2002-03, when major cities on the East Coast had above-average snowfall. Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity points out that in February of 2003, a major snowstorm paralyzed much of the Interstate 95 corridor, including New York City and Philadelphia. During the storm, airports were closed, roads were impassable, roofs collapsed and some schools were closed for a week, causing summer vacations to start late.

The storm track that could develop this year will bring storms up the Eastern Seaboard. This type of storm track will differ from that of the past two years, when storms tended to take a track farther west from Texas into the Great Lakes. That track into the Great Lakes brought unseasonably mild weather to the major East Coast cities, keeping them on the more rainy side of the storms. The track this year right along the Eastern Seaboard would put the major cities on the cold, wintry side of the storms.

This looks like great news for skiers and snowboarders!

Less than 5 months left to Opening Day 2009!!!

Story courtesy of and can be read in its entirety by visiting

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Help Name The New Terrain Park – Win A $30 Gift Card


We at Whitetail need your help.

We are extremely excited about the new beginner terrain park at Whitetail this season. We are so excited we can’t come up with a good name for the new park. So please email me your suggestions and if we use your name not only will you be etched in Whitetail history but you will also get a shiney new $30 Whitetail Resort Gift Card that is good at all resort outlets including Whitetail Golf Resort and Dusty Wissmath’s Fly Fishing School.

We would like to get this new name in our brochure which goes to print this week. So we need suggestions fast! Don’t think that your name is not good enough – send it anyway!

Send all suggestions to

Good Luck!

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Installing New Fan Gun Towers

Setting the towers.

Today our Mountain Operations crew is out on the mountain setting the towers for 11 of our new Aerco fan guns.

This summer we will be installing 24 Aerco fan guns on the mountain with the bulk of them (11) ending up on Snow Dancer, which was formally only serviced by air/water machines. The other 13 of these new guns will go to other areas with 3 of them ending up in the Jib Junction Terrain Park to help service the new halfpipe.

We also just received a call from the Baltimore Harbor today letting us know that the new snow guns have actually made it ashore and will be here tomorrow afternoon. We will be sure to take some photos and post them before the weekend!

Enjoy the photos!

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New Whitetail Trail Map

The New Whitetail Resort Trail Map 2010 - Jim Niehues

Our new trail map has been completed and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

This past season with the addition of Sidewinder and the Jib Junction Double we decided there was no better time than now to update our current trail map. The map that we had been using was the original trail map that was designed for the resort back in 1990 before the resort had even opened.

The new map was hand drawn by artist Jim Niehues from Colorado. Jim is very well known throughout the ski industry for his trail map renderings. Jim was the original artist for Whitetail’s first map which we used up until this past season. Jim was chomping at the bit to get a chance to redo the map due to the fact that the first time he painted it the mountain wasn’t even fully in existence yet.

The old map files are no longer able to be found and all we have now are smaller versions of the original high resolution scan. The files have been modified many times over with the addition of Northern Lights in 1994 and then the addition of Sidewinder this past season.

The project to redo the trail map began back in the middle of the season when we took two helicopter rides to photograph the mountain to ship to Colorado for Jim to do the drawing. After Jim received the photos he then sent along a pencil sketch of the mountain for our approval. After we approved the pencil sketch he then painted the rest of the map and sent that along for approval. We finally received the official scan in May. All we have to do now is overlay the trail and lift names over the artwork for the new brochure and base area maps.

I have posted the new map along with the pencil sketch, two aerials that were taken in February and the old map. If you are interested even further in the aerial shots of the mountain click the tab at the top for Whitetail Live and check out the episode that we shot from the sky!

Please comment and let us know what you think of the new map.


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Introducing Peak Season Magazine

Many of you may have already been introduced to our new three area magazine – Peak Season – earlier this Spring as the first issue hit mailboxes.

Please select the picture below to view the online edition of the magazine!
 Peak Season Magazine

Peak Season will be a bi-annual publication that will be published in the spring and fall of each year. In the first issue of the magazine you can find stories on Ski Roundtop’s new summer adventures that include – the OGO Ball, a canopy tour, zip lines and summer tubing. Also other features include Whitetail Golf Resort, Dusty Wissmath’s Fly Fishing School & Guide Service and also features on what to do around Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail during the spring and summer.

If you would like to received Peak Season Magazine this fall please visit today and sign up for a free subscription!

Clearing has begun for the new Jib Junction Half Pipe.

MERCERSBURG, PA – With the summer upon us, Whitetail Resort is currently gearing up for what will be another busy off-season on the mountain. A new half-pipe, terrain park and beginner adult carpet lift fit into a long list of improvements that total over 1.7 million dollars. These exciting improvements will keep crews busy working into the fall to prepare for the 2009 – 10 ski and snowboard season.

Atop the list of capital improvements for the upcoming season, is the cutting of a new half pipe in the Jib Junction Terrain Park, located on the Angel Drop trail. The addition of the new half pipe will be a great complement to the double chair lift that was added last summer and very well received over the 2008-09 ski and snowboard season. This past season Whitetail Resort received the Visitor’s Choice award for the Mid-Atlantic’s Best Terrain Park by

Whitetail Resort will then continue in the tradition of investing in the most energy efficient snowmaking equipment by adding 24 brand new Areco fan guns to the mountain. A continued investment in quality snowmaking equipment will allow Whitetail to make plenty of snow when cold temperatures arrive this winter.

Also this summer, Whitetail Resort will be adding a brand new beginner terrain park. This terrain park will be located on the Snow Park trail where the former half pipe was located. This new area will be a great spot for beginners to be introduced to freestyle skiing and riding. This new terrain park will replace the previous beginner park – Park Place 101, which was located on the Stalker trail.

A new 400 foot adult beginner carpet lift is also on the list of improvements this summer. This new lift will be located on the Northern Lights trail and will serve as a lift to introduce first time skiers and riders to the sport.

The addition of a new half pipe, terrain park and carpet lift are not the only improvements Whitetail Resort will be undertaking this summer. Other smaller projects are also underway to help make this another excellent season at Whitetail Resort.

“At Whitetail Resort we continue to focus on the guest experience as we undertake our upgrades for the 2009-10 winter ski and snowboard season. In addition to other major improvements we are investing heavily in expanding our snowmaking infrastructure for the upcoming winter,” said Whitetail Resort President and General Manager, Don MacAskill.

Whitetail is also currently very busy with the summer operations of Whitetail Golf Resort and Dusty Wissmath’s Fly Fishing School and Guide Service.

Whitetail Golf Resort showcases extensive improvements from last year. With the golf course looking better than ever, it was recently named one of the top 100 courses to play in the Mid-Atlantic by GolfStyles magazine for the third year in a row.

Dusty Wissmath’s Fly Fishing School and Guide Service is currently in the middle of yet another great season. Named one of the premiere fly fishing schools on the east coast, Dusty Wissmath teaches his students fly fishing skills in two days that will last a lifetime and definitely, “set the hook” to anyone interested in taking up the sport.