Posted by: whitetailresort | July 22, 2009

Coming Soon

Last Friday we wrapped up the design process of our 2009-10 winter brochure!


This long process seems to start earlier and earlier each year and also take longer and longer. We started working on this year’s installment of the Whitetail brochure back in February when the marketing team and our general manager sat down to discuss in what direction we would like to take our brochure. Every year we print five different pieces for the winter season – main brochure, ski school brochure, group brochure, tubing rack card and a pocket trail map. After discussing the possibility for a few years we decided to combine our three brochures – main, ski school and group – into one big brochure to help our guests get all the information they may need in one place.

After we decided which direction the brochure would go in for this season we contacted our brochure designer to start working on some concept designs. The Whitetail brochure is the only marketing piece that is not created in-house. All other brochures, fliers, emails etc that many of you may receive are all created in-house.

A few weeks after we contact our brochure designer the concepts are ready for review. This year the brochure team and our designer met in April at our super secret location – Cracker Barrel. We then select which of the six or seven concepts we like best for the new brochure.

Our next step is to go back to the office and work together a mock brochure. We started this a few years ago and it really helps when deciding what goes where in the brochure. The funny thing is they look like first grade art projects when we are finished. There are pieces from old brochures glued all over the place, stick figures thrown in here and there along with plenty of arrows and other thoughts all over the white 81/2 by 14 inch pages. We then send this mess on to our designer.

After the concept, the dummy layout is sent and pricing is set for the new season we begin working on the text for the entire brochure. This process actually takes a few weeks. Our new brochure is 23 pages and trust me that is a lot of text to write! After the text is semi-complete we ship that on to our designer who then lays the text out on our concept design.

In our timeline we are now entering the month of June. We will receive our next concept from the designer that includes the design we selected along with most of our text and some preliminary photos. Once that concept comes in one part of the team works on going over the text and making changes. The other part of the team works on changing all of the pictures with new photos from the previous season along with some older photos from past photo shoots. The photo choices along with the text changes are then sent off to the designer to prepare yet another working concept.

Once we have made it to this point we are sitting pretty good. We have done the bulk of the work and design for the new brochure. Over the next few weeks, before the piece goes to print, everyone gets out there magnifying glass and reads over every line. After we have read over the whole piece again and again we finally sign off on the new brochure and it goes to print.

The new Whitetail brochure was sent to print last Friday. The new brochure will be delivered to the resort around the end of August and then make it to you either by mail or by one of the various shows we attend.

This year we have something special though. You will be able to see the all new Whitetail brochure in a little over a week. For the first time we will be putting our brochure online – just like Peak Season magazine!

So stay tuned for the all new Whitetail Resort brochure! We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look into our annual brochure process.



  1. The new brochures are out! With a new color scheme.

    Can you identify the folks in the pics? Looks like Tom B (blue jacket) and Stan W (green jacket) are the publicity hogs on pages 1, 3, 4 and 12. There Amy S in the first pic on 12 and Andy B and Fran V in the second pic (left to right). Looks like Stan W again in the green jacket on p 15. There’s Bill D (blue jacket) tubing on page 16. Buddy H (with “the hat”) is drinking coffee on page 18.

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