Posted by: whitetailresort | December 4, 2009

Testing 1…2…3…?

Mother Nature is up to her tricks again…or is she?

If there is one sure bet in the world that sure bet is you can’t bet on the weather. After over eight months of preparations everyone around the resort is chomping at the bit to hit the on switch and fire up the system for the 2009-2010 season.

But the main question is when will that be? It seems as though every time we see some great snowmaking temperatures in the forecast and we all begin to get excited Mother Nature pulls the proverbial carpet out from under our feet and throws in some above normal temperatures for a few days. But we finally feel that we have some good new on the horizon for skiers and riders who love carving it up at Whitetail. It seems as though weather patters are finally starting to change and after these next few days we will start to see a more normal weather pattern with normal temperatures for this time of year. And trust me, that is what we all want to hear!

So when will you be able to see the guns running on the mountain? Well this weekend we hope to test our energy-efficient snowmaking system on either Saturday or Sunday night. If everything goes well and Mother Nature decides to finally smile upon us then maybe we can do a little more than a test, but for that we will have to wait and see. Be sure to check the web cameras on Saturday night and Sunday night to monitor our progress. Then don’t forget to check often for updates and be sure it won’t be long until we are all skiing and riding again here at Whitetail.

Mother Nature – Winter Queen or Wicked Witch?

Alright followers – after working our creative ideas for our winter radio campaign a question has risen. What do you think of when you think of Mother Nature? Is Mother Nature a loving and caring Queen who provides us with warmth in the summer and great snow in the winter or is she just the opposite a mean witch who likes to throw rain storms in on our wedding days and ice on the roads the day you have the kids packed ready to go to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner?

We want to know your thoughts! Answer in the poll below.



  1. Can’t wait until the season starts! I hope we get lots of snow this winter! (last year didn’t work very well in the end…)

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